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Alethia Pantazis, MD -  - Neuro-Ophthalmologist

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Alethia Pantazis, MD

Neuro-Ophthalmologist & Anti-Aging located in Ocala, FL & The Villages, FL

Dr. Pantazis and her staff are excited to be able to provide the latest in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Vitality Medicine now provides the vampire and other PRP procedures. Each of these cutting edge treatments takes advantage of PRP (platelet Rich plasma). These include Vampire Breastlift®, Vampire Facial®, Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Hair®, O-shot® (AKA orgasm-shot for women), P-shot® (For men to enhanced size and function) and DRY EYE PRP®. Please click on each for more information. (want each to be an active link to each info page)These are safe and effective way of decreasing the signs and symptoms of ageing. There are no foreign materials. No drug interactions. No drug sensitivities. The healthful growth factors found in one’s own blood are concentrated and administered in each respective area.

Vampire Facelift® Q & A

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What Is Vampire Facelift®?

This non-invasive regenerative treatment that involves harvesting the body’s own wound healing and regenerative growth factors to improve skin texture, as well as age-related changes like fine lines and laxity.

How Is The Vampire Facelift® Performed?

During a patient’s appointment at Vitality Medicine, blood will be drawn (just like a regular blood test) and then spun in a centrifugation system to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the other blood elements. This PRP and the Hyaluronic acid filler will then be injected in a patient after numbing medicine is applied in a specific and customized approach. This Hyaluronic acid (either Restylene or Juvederm) is thought to work as a scaffolding; directing the growth factors to the needed areas of rejuvenation. 

Will I See Results Right Away?

The results from the filler will be instant.  You will notice slow additional gradual improvement over the next few weeks as a result of the additional growth factor with the end result being around 4-12 weeks. Most people report looking more refreshed and youthful, with a noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture. Overall, the results can last over 12 months. And the amount and frequency of fillers is reported to be reduced with this therapy.

Who should not receive this treatment?

Anyone who has an active skin infection or active cancer this should be treated first.

Anyone on a blood thinner should consult his or her doctor to see if this can safely be stopped before the procedure.

Are there any limitations after this treatment?

The same limitations with traditional fillers.

Can the Vampire Facelift® and the Vampire Facial® be done together?

Yes. Each is designed to enhance different layers of the face to aid in a natural and youthful appearance.

What skin care products should be used after these treatments?

The Altar after care cream has a patented formula that synergistically amplifies the results of the Vampire Facial® and Vampire Facelift®.